UNLV Highlights

University achievements, milestones, and more about our great campus.


The nonprofit organization COLAB Las Vegas is creating opportunities for local artists to win major public arts projects. Meet the UNLV alumni behind it.
The Disabilities Resource Center director on the sometimes limited thinking of those without disabilities and why her broken M&M stapler is an inspiration.
The longtime employee is a master translator between campus customers and reprographics designers.
Architecture duo takes a risk on downtown at just the right moment. Now their Bunnyfish Studio firm's mark is on dozens of the most notable building rehabs in the burgeoning East Fremont District.
The IT Help Desk supervisor's main goal: Being invisible to you.
Severe cold coming on? Injured ankle? Does your kid need a sports physical? Meet the nurse practitioner you're likely to see at the Wellness Center clinics.
A collection of recent news stories highlighting the people and programs of UNLV.
The special assistant on how he juggles big campus events and the lessons learned as a school bus driver.