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Frank Durand, UNLV's Administrative Faculty Member of the Year for 2014, has been called a "black hole" by his colleagues because when he is given a problem, it just goes away.
OK, maybe not in every office, but Takiyah Ray, the third-place recipient in the 2014 President's Classified Employee of Year awards, says she couldn't perform her job efficiently without them.
While the technology at your fingertips may seem like a highly scientific machine, the software behind it can be a mess of different programming languages. The solution for that problem, says professor Andreas Stefik, may come from a reasearcher's twisty turn.
Program is aimed at nurturing future campus administrators from the ranks of faculty and staff.
Here's a touching story from our archives about beloved professor Hal Rothman's losing battle with ALS. It's worth a read even if you didn't know his prolific work.
Declaring a major is a really tough decision for many new students. Here's some advice from one UNLV professor who had a tough time making that choice herself.
UNLV architecture professor Eric Weber on how students should design and build their lives, beginning now.
Leslie Matys' advice on how to succeed at work is to expect more of yourself than anyone else expects of you.