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Ruben Garcia

Appointment/Election: Ruben Garcia

Jun 1, 2013

Ruben Garcia (Law) traveled to the AFL-CIO in Washington, D.C., in May to participate in a planning meeting of the Community Partnerships and Grassroots Power Committee for the labor federation's annual convention this fall. He was appointed by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka as an academic and policy specialist. The committee will make recommendations to confront the challenges facing working people and unions at the AFL-CIO convention in September. From Washington, he will travel to the Law and Society Association (LSA) annual meeting in Boston. A long-term member of the association, he was appointed by LSA President Michael McCann to serve on the Program Committee for the meeting, which involved assembling panels in the subject areas of labor, race, migration, and citizenship. He also serves as an organizer of the Labor Rights Collaborative Research Network (CRN) and is organizing a dinner for the CRN at a Boston restaurant. He also will serve as chair/discussant on both the Race and Violence and the Criminalizing Immigration panels. Finally, he will appear on a labor rights panel, Interrogating Fundamental Assumptions about Labor Law, and present his paper, "Labor Law 2020: A Trip Back to the Future."